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Dawes Super Galaxy, Gents touring bike, 23.5" CTT, 18 speed, Reynolds 531 tubing, did L'Eroica in 2015 with ease-very wide gear range for the hills
Ref: B001DS

Brian Rourke, Classic racer, 23" CTT, 12 speed, Reynolds 531 tubing,flew around L'Eroica in 2015,full campagnolo groupset
Ref: B004BR

Raleigh Classic, 22.5" CTT, 15 speed,wide gear range on this toruing bike made from Reynolds 531 tubing
Ref: B004RC

Dawes Horizon, Touring bike, 23.5" CTT, 18 speed with a very wide gear range
Ref: B005DH

Raleigh Team Banana, 23.5" CTT, 10 speed with a wide range of gears for the hills, classic retro Raleigh racer form the early !980's
Ref: B005RB

Ammocco, 24" CTT, 10 speed, beautiful fully chromed frame, did L'Eroica in 2015 & 2016 with ease
Ref: B006AM

Carlton Corsa, 23.5" CTT frame, 10 speed, very retro 1970's racer with wide gear range for the hills
Ref: B007CC

Carlton Continental, 22.5" CTT, 10 speed, beautiful 1970's classic Carlton racer
Ref: B007CX

Graham Weigh, 24" CTT, 12 speed, Reynolds 531, Shimano 600 groupset,quality,lightweight
Ref: B007GW

Dawes Competition Giro 3000, 23" CTT, 21 speed with a very wide gear range, in excellent condition, serviced and ready to ride,
Ref: B012DC

Raleigh Record Sprint, 23.5" CTT,12 speed, completed L'Eroica 2015,great example of this 1980's retro racing bike
Ref: B012RR

Brian Rourke, 23" CTT, 16 speed, Columbus tubing, Campagnolo groupset,great quality racing bike
Ref: B013BR

Dawes Galaxy, 22.5" CTT, in blue,reynolds 531ST tubing,12 speed with a very wide gear range for the hills
Ref: B013DG

Peugeot, 23" CTT, 14 speed-wide gear range, Reynolds 531-quality Peugeot racer from the 1980's
Ref: B014PE

Viscount Corsair, Tourer 22 " CTT, 12 speed, classic Viscount touring bike from early 1980's, wide gear range for the hills
Ref: B015VC
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