Name Comment Note
Alan Woods, Portland, Oregon Hi Andy, Thank you for your note and for helping me so much by renting me a bike for Eroica Britannia (and for delivering it!). The bike worked very well and I thoroughly enjoyed the Festival, its ride, and the V-CC Cheshire training run to Chelmorton on Saturday. Hopefully, I'll be able to fly over again for a future Eroica Britannia. If so, I'll contact you in advance in hopes of renting a bike. Best regards  
Anastasia Fokina Hi Andy, Last year you gave us fantastic service and that's what we'd like the riders for next year to know. The organisation was great and a very friendly team on your end. It was unusual for me to ride a vintage bike but it was in good shape. We're not sure that far ahead if we're going to l'Eroica next year, however if we do decide to cycle, we've got your details. Thank you! Kindest Regards, Anastasia. 2015 hire
Malcolm Elliott (former professional cyclist) Having committed to taking part in the 2015 Eroica Britannia, I was then faced with the task of sourcing a suitable steed. Many people were surprised at me not still owning something suitable on which to ride, but alas, all my old bikes have long since been scattered to the four winds. However, Andy was on hand and able to supply a beautifully maintained Campagnolo-equipped Harry Hall, of the right size, to make me look and feel the part! It was very nostalgic to experience again the feel of a race bike from my heyday. Malcolm Elliott (former professional cyclist winner of Milk race, Tour of Britain, Commonwealth Games Gold medal winner x 2, etc)  
Bazz I found Andy to be an extremely helpful and approachable person who was able to support me as a novice cyclist in preparing for Eroica 2015 at short notice. He listened to my particular concerns and adapted my bike set-up accordingly without imposing his and others' experiences on to me. I would definitely recommend Andy as the go-to person if you're looking for a bike for 2016! Bazz  
Manuel, Tuscany, Italy Hi Andy, With this email I am to thank you very much for the service you did to me at the last Eroica Britannia. Usually I bring my bike with me but this year I traveled with my family and having a lot of luggage I thought I'd take it to hire, and it was the first time. I made the journey of 100 miles and, like last year, I really enjoyed. Definitely be back in 2016 and I beg you to consider me for a new hire. Thanks a lot, Manuel 2015 hire